Top 7 Best Guitars For Small Hands To Buy

You want to learn guitar, but your hands are too small. Well luckily for you there is a solution- get grip tape! All of the following products have been designed with musicians in mind and will help those of us who suffer from tiny fingers or big hands play more easily on our guitars. 

Because they provide extra traction when needed so that we can stretch up higher towards the fretboard without worrying about slipping off during practice sessions. You know what they say, “the best things come in small packages.” This is true when it comes to guitars and your hands! 

There are tons of smaller-sized instruments that will suit the needs for just about any player out there if you take some time to look through them all before making a decision on which one suits YOU most closely. So let me show those beautiful fingers around these great options…

7 Best Guitars For Small Hands

There are a few things that you should consider when looking for the best electric guitars. One of them is neck thickness and scale length, which can be important to small-handed players like me who want something they won’t tire their hand out holding too quickly. After we get through those basics I’ll show off some other features on these four champs!

  1. Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

It’s hard to believe that baby Taylor, the guitar for children and beginners has now grown up. It still retains its childlike sound but with some new additions like three-quarter dreadnought design which makes this perfect travel companion or even just at home in your living room corner being played by family members of all ages who love its mellow tone!

My favorite part about these instruments? They require little introduction – everyone knows what they are good at: Quality materials meet expert craftsmanship sets.

Taylor guitars are a part of special creations worth investing time into learning how best to take advantage of their quality sound through different techniques used when playing – whether fingerstyle arrangements on scales based on popular songs heard today. 

Pros                                                                    Cons

  • Quality materials and build                 – Quite Expensive
  • Great Sound

Taylor guitars are known for their high-quality sound and craftsmanship. The back of this instrument, from the materials used in its manufacture as well as how it’s made with layered Sapele wood, creates a rich tone that comes out nicely when played by experienced musicians or beginners alike; I’m sure you’ll find your ideal Taylor here!

The top wood of a guitar is its most important component, and it’s what makes the sound. Mahogany has long been recognized as having great qualities for both clarities in tone and warmth- which gives you that Taylor Swift type feels when playing your ax!

The Sapele wood used for the neck and African Ebony fingerboard make it a great guitar. There are 19 frets on this model, no cutaway at all which is perfect if you have small hands like me! The headstock has Lexan covering over baby Taylor tuners up top with Nubone supplying nut & saddle duties down below; such as bridge too (which also comes from these amazing materials). 

This best Guitars For Small Hands would be ideal in any player’s collection but especially so given its compact size – anyone can enjoy playing without having their hands feeling cramped after a while thanks to how lightweight they’re made due to their use of Sapele for most parts including bodies themselves.

  1.  Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

Martin guitars are renowned for their quality, and the company has been around since 1833. They produce some of the world’s best acoustic instruments including this “Little Martin” which is actually a small-scale version (though not as scaled-down as other models). This particular design makes it easy to learn how to do it on your own without being overwhelmed by the large size!

It’s not too often you can pick up an instrument and know exactly what it is without any hesitation. But with a single Listen, this guitar becomes yours! The Sitka Spruce top offers excellent tonality for fingerstyle or hybrid playing. 

Pros                                                                       Cons

  • Martin Sound with the build quality              – Expensive
  • Suitable for Learners

While the mahogany body delivers a warm sound that even though smaller than most instruments lets your fingers vibrate through nicely producing clear tones on whatever Strings are placed underneath.

The Martin guitar is a work of art. It’s crafted from rich mahogany, with the sound quality that comes only when you mix in crossbreds like these! This is because they use both curly maple and Brazilian rosewood for its fretboard? 

Offering unparalleled beauty to those who play them while still maintaining a graceful feel under your fingers as well. Not only do these guitars offer great tone but also come at reasonable prices so everyone can enjoy their craftsmanship without breaking the bank or giving up on quality altogether just yet.”

As a scaled-down guitar, the Taylor is nowhere near as big or expensive as some of its full-size counterparts. But it still has plenty to offer when you consider all that makes up an instrument: sound quality; style (both visual and sonic); value for money–the list goes on! 

And because these features can be found in so many different models at varying price points this small-bodied “lunch box” type of model falls right into place between two extremes where customers are looking – young beginners just getting their feet wet but also experienced players who want something more unique from what’s out there already.

  1. Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Yamaha’s APXT2 is a scaled-down version of their most popular instrument, the APX500. The design and style have been captured in this smaller model with materials that make it just as high quality or better than its big brother!

The beautiful guitar has a sleek, single-cutaway body and a thin-line style. The back & sides are made from Meranti wood which is similar in color to mahogany; while the top of this instrument is completed by laminated Spruce for increased durability. 

It features an attractive glossy black finish that adds just enough flair without being too flashy or heavy-handed when it comes down towards those gorgeous design details on either side near where you would rest your hand while playing!

Pros                                                                                Cons

  • Good Price with the excellent build quality   – Tuner might not be the higher quality
  • Good Sound for ¾ Size
  • Built-in Tuner

The neck of this guitar is scaled down in size for those who have smaller hands. It’s made from Nato and Rosewood, with dot inlays on top that make up 21 fretboard spaces. The cutaway design allows easy access to all 22 frets without any interference or problem thanks to its well-compensated C- shaped profile – it won’t feel like a stretch at all! 

And you’ll love how comfortable the rosewood bridge feels under your fingers as compared with metal saddles (though plastic ones are included too).

Yamaha’s guitar is a good starter instrument, but it might not have the sound customization options that you would find on some other guitars. This means there are only two tone knobs: one for volume and another which serves as both treble Enhance/ comprism7ng mee8h c0n1tru2 t3 UX Adjustment(+/-6db).

Who says you have to play a full-size guitar? This is the perfect instrument for learners and those looking to practice at home or in their garden. It doesn’t sound as good, but it still has some entertainment value thanks to its pickup!

  1. Squier by Fender Mini Strat Electric Guitar

The Squier Telecaster for Kids is a scaled-down version of the famous Fender guitar. Because it has been designed to be smaller and lighter, children will find this instrument easy to carry around in their backpack or pocket without feeling too weighed down by its size!

A perfect copy of the real thing, you’re sure to be impressed. I hope more people don’t get excited about this replica guitar though; there’s nothing different than what we’ve seen before and that would just be boring!

The laminated wood body has all of its contours in place while also being scaled down from an authentic 22-3/4″ scale length bolt-on neck with truss rod adjustment at last (I’m so glad they did). 

The fretboard is made out of rosewood too which provides excellent stability when playing up against those high notes – 21 frets means quick changes between chords become much easier because each note can easily stand alone without having any unwanted feedback noise distractions. 

Pros                                                                              Cons

  • Looks like a Scaled Version               – Build quality is cost-effective
  • Inexpensive

With the custom guitar builder’s touch, this perfectly aged acoustic looks and sounds like it came straight out of time. It features three Strat single-coil pickups that offer great versatility in sound; a five-way selector switch for your tones with volume control on top – not too shabby! 

The hardtail bridge ensures durability while keeping its lightweight feel so you can play comfortably all day long without worrying about breaking strings or anything else happening to make things difficult.

The Squier Affinity Stratocaster is a great first guitar for beginners. It’s affordable and sounds like the real thing, just in case you’re expecting it to be something else! The point of this model was clearly put forward by its iconic looks with modern features that make playing easier for players of all abilities. 

As well as collectors who want to display guitars at home or work without being too ashamed about which one they are holding up there proudly on stage- literally, let your fingers do the walking through tone settings from flat/mellow overdrive styles until everything gets painful enough hot rod. 

  1. Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Jaguar

It’s a Squier kind of day. The team at Fender is always trying to think outside the box in order to make their guitars more accessible and user-friendly for all types, which means that if we were thinking about what guitar would be on Kurt Cobain’s list it might not necessarily start with a Jaguar! 

But they’ve done an okay job making this classic rocker workable–even though some people will never like them because “it doesn’t sound or play” just as well (hint hint: try changing your strings).

This Jaguar is a little different. It has an authentic shape, but they’ve brought it up to date with modern features like short scale length and 22 frets on the neck for a tighter playing feel that many Fender Players prefer today!

Fret spacing may be closer together so large hands will have more difficulty reaching those last few notes in high positions while sitting down because this guitar doesn’t have extra-wide fretting anyway which setup makes these types easier than smaller strings or higher action near bridge areas where chords are usually played hardest. 

Pros                                                                               Cons

  • Excellent Sound                                  – Sometimes slow performance
  • Good Price
  • Awesome Look

All the dual-circuit switching and controls are there, along with that special bridge that ‘floated.’ The body is made from Basswood (a lightweight wood) which gives it a nice tone for playing guitars! And Squire went all out on features like single-coil pickups to give you more power in your sound than ever before.

The Wizard II is a guitar that has been designed to sound and feel like the classic rocker you always wanted. With dual circuits, multiple pickups (including Duncan Designed single-coil), tremolo arm for those who want some wailing action at your feet – this baby will not disappoint!

The awesome features don’t stop there either; Squire went with traditional-looking design elements such as chrome hardware or dot inlays on top of beautiful basswood construction which also includes maple neck & rosewood fingerboard so playability stays just as high quality too.

Buyer Guide for Best Small Hands Guitar

Acoustic guitars can be an excellent choice for a variety of reasons, but it all depends on what you want. If your requirements are simple and straightforward, then the acoustic-only versions might just do the trick!

But if they need to have some power behind them too – like when played live or recorded in studio settings where volume doesn’t matter as much–the electric ‘copycat’ models may better suit those needs. And finally, there’s always that option between “shredding” (smaller) or full size. 

Who and What?

When it comes to picking out the perfect guitar for yourself or your child, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Smaller hands might not be able to reach around a full-size fingerboard easily and will ultimately cause technical problems as they try to figure out how best to fit imaginary chords into songs that are more difficult due to this lack of space with smaller fingers than what’s expected in most cases

The who matters quite frankly: Is it just you? Maybe someone close like wife/girlfriend but also maybe even kids if so then what kind do they want which includes ages!

A guitar is a special instrument. You can play it and share your love of music with others, but only if you get the right one for YOUR needs! The selection at Guitar Center was overwhelming. 

There are so many different brands that have popped up over recent years like Yamaha & Fender among others now catering towards specific niches or even children who want to let rip without having any experience under their belt yet (just ask Taylor Swift).

Consequently, we had no choice but to take out some time checking each brand’s products in depth before making our final decision on what would be best suited just last week when visiting this giant retailer once again…


With so many guitars on the market, how will you know which one is right for your needs? There are high-quality models with small hands in mind as well. Two that stand out from this crowd have different sound profiles and price tags attached.

The Squier Bullet Stratocaster ($149) has a fat neck while Yamaha PSR-S950 dreadnought acoustic guitar ($229) comes equipped with Fishman electronics!

In either case, it’s important to consider what kind of playing style best suits each individual player before making such an investment – because let’s face facts; no matter how much money they cost or where we buy them from there’re always going come days when our favorite old friend just fails us.


We have found the perfect gift for your child! We will be buying this guitar, but don’t worry if they already know what it is because I am sure that a friend of yours has been asking Santa every year since last time. This baby needs some love and attention so we are looking at guitars with electric or acoustic sound options. The best part? It doesn’t matter how much money you spend hint 😉

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