Professor James P. Carse

James P. Carse taught at New York University for thirty years as the Professor of the History and Literature of Religion, and Director of the Religious Studies Program. He retired from the University in 1996. He is a writer and an artist, and lives in New York City and Massachusetts.

James Carse was the Director of Religious Studies at New York University for thirty years. He was a member of the Department of Middle Eastern Studies, and the recipient of numerous teaching awards. He is retired and living in New York City.

His books include Jonathan Edwards (Scribner’s), The Silence of God (Macmillan), Finite and Infinite Games (Simon and Schuster), Breakfast at the Victory (Harper), The Gospel of the Beloved Disciple (Harper), and The Religious Case against Belief (Penguin.)

His novel, PhDeath: the Puzzler Murders (Opus Books) will appear in the Fall.

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